Our head of Social, Alfie Green was fortunate enough to be invited to judge this year’s Drum Social Media Buzz Awards.

Spanning a range of awards across the industry, Alfie worked alongside social networks themselves and a selection of clients and social media superstars to select the final winners of this years show.

Now in their seventh year The Social Buzz Awards celebrate the best individuals, agencies, companies, brands and organisations across the social media spectrum. Taking place on November 29th in Central London the awards included Best Use Of Live Video, to Rising Social Media Star.

Below, Alfie shares 5 things he learnt taking part in the full day judging.

1. It’s okay to like another agencies work

It was a weird experience to be sitting in a room and finding reasons for a competitor to win an award, but it’s good practice. Our industry is full of fantastic work, and by celebrating others you’re ensuring the bar is well and truly set, and gives you something to always aim towards.

2. Great results don’t always equal a great campaign

When looking at campaigns, it’s easy to say “Our campaign got X results” but how much paid was spent? Was it based on actually a great piece of content or just boosting an average video or creative.

Social is more than just spend, spend, spend and should be seen as such!

3. What is a social moment?

Social has shifted, and as such the meaning on when something is social is totally different. A social media story could come from a physical activation, while a story could start on social and then become a press story in newspapers. As well as traditional channels, with the rise of chatbots, VR experiences and AR led campaigns, agencies have a lot more to consider than just the traditional channels.

4. Different people think different things

Was that amazing social moment by accident, or was it actually planned? Sometimes, it’s easy to talk around something after it happened and suggest it was all down to months of planning, but just like McDonalds and Oreo have shown in the past… in the moment can sometimes win the day.

5. Impact matters

Impact can be measured in a number of different ways. Engagement? RTs? But real impact is always easy to see. One of the big winners of the night, Brutal Cut put raw emotion, a strong narrative and honest, real faces at the forefront of the campaign.

Utilising organic influencer content and then further in wider outdoor spaces Weber Shandwick were able to create a social moment you couldn’t miss.

Thinking outside of the box they received huge media attention which helped to tell the story in a more traditional format – letting the creative lead the way, and not having to push content via ActionAid’s main platforms. It engaged a new audience and let the shocking story spread far and wide. An excellent piece of social content with real impact.