The Basics: 7 Top Tips for using Twitter if you’re a total newbie…

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It’s social media week, and therefore we’re going back to basics to teach you all about some of our favourite social networks.

Twitter is a social media network that has about 310 million active monthly users and 350,000 tweets sent every minute.

For each tweet (message) that is sent, only a maximum of 140 characters can be used. You can also add links and attach photos to your tweets too! If you are a new user these numbers may seem scary, but hopefully using these tips will help you stand out from the rest:

Create a Theme

Whether you are using Twitter for a business or for your own personal use, creating a theme for your Twitter account will be helpful in attracting the followers you are aiming for. Your followers may lose interest if you start posting random tweets as this may not be the reason why they followed you.

Having a full profile is important, this will be the first thing potential followers see. If you have parts of your profile missing such as the cover background or are using a grainy image, this can make your profile look unprofessional and could lead users not to follow you.

Use Images and Videos

This instantly makes your feed more exciting for the viewer, and research from SMB advertisers say that it can increase engagement by up to 313%!

Use A Consistent Voice

This will give your account personality and will give your followers a genuine reason for them to engage and connect with you. Make sure your content is interesting, and feels like it focuses on your main topics of interest!

Keep It Short

Anything too long will make a potential follower lose interest in what you have to say.

Twitter is a fast moving social network so keeping it short and precise. It’s more likely grab a readers’ attention.

Relevant Hashtags

This is a good way to target the relevant followers who would be interested in your content, as they would be more likely to interact with your account. After all there would be no point in having lots of followers if only a few actually engage with your tweets!

Make sure to add relevant hashtags, but not too many to your tweets. For example, for us it’s #socialmedia.

Be Patient

Patience is key! Gaining thousands of followers and retweets overnight is virtually impossible! You have to be consistent with your posting. Just keep on tweeting and engaging with your existing audience and potential new followers, and you will get there!


This is the one of the most important tips! If you don’t interact with your users they would probably not want to engage with you! Being responsive with your followers whether it is replying to a tweet or re-sharing their content would make you more memorable and show your followers that you care about them.

Thanking those for following you, and rewarding interesting followers by following them back is also a great way to keep your followers growing.

What are your 101 Twitter tips? Let us know in the comments below…

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