The launch of Instagram’s IGTV has changed the game for vertical social content.

A whole range of brands are already testing the format, with any profile now able to setup an account and upload up-to 10 minute long content pieces.

The new stand-alone app is Instagram’s try at taking on YouTube, as well as Snapchat embracing influencers, brands and everyday users all in one platform. While some brands are repurposing content they might otherwise use for Instagram Stories, others are creating entirely new content for the channel, and it’s an exciting time for mobile-first content.

Vertical video brings with it it’s own constraints. Whether trying to fit more into a narrow shot, or the edit time needed, it’s a painstaking affair – but the payoff can be rewarding.

Creative Nerds are already working with a range of clients and influencers on strategy, production and output for IGTV. Shooting 9:16 (the aspect ratio that IGTV plays in) first, gives you the opportunity to forget everything you know about traditional video production.

However, something brands should be conscious of re-purposing Instagram Stories content onto the platform. It’s a totally native mobile experience and Stories should remain the day to day, in the moment content – while TV brings gloss, production and long form value.

Limited search capabilities are also a concern for brands. Using the native app is not the best user journey to find new content, only the content recommended to you, so getting your existing Instagram following to watch your content will be key.

Providing a behind the scenes exclusive, Q&A, vertical teaser, or lyric music video will give your audience a reason to return. Bespoke content is allowing brands to stand out from the rest immediately.

For now there’s no ads on the platform… but expect that to change VERY soon. An Instagram spokesperson said that might change in the future, and the platform is exploring and testing news ways to help creators monetise through the platform.

In short, this is just the start with the platform looking to rival, and take on, all the big boys of the social world. But how will you embrace it?

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