How Can Using Instagram Help to Feed the Hungry?

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In a world where taking a pic of your food before you eat it has become the norm for most millennials, is it not time for us to take a step back and see how we can help to feed the hungry?

Delete to Feed is a campaign set up by Land O’Lakes to raise awareness on the hunger crisis in America. It revolves around one website: deletetofeed.com — All you do, is sign up, log in to your Instagram account and then delete a food post, simple! But what exactly would this do, you might wonder? Well, for every food post deleted, 11 meals are sent to 200 food banks across America, providing a helping hand to those who may not be able to afford a decent meal. The campaign is running until mid October and they aim to donate at least 2.75 millions meals.


Why Instagram?

With over 500 million active users on Instagram daily, a huge proportion of these have started to become fancy pictures of a cheeky Nandos, fancy burgers and mouth watering dishes. To be precise, there are 188, 431, 379 posts under #food alone, this does not take into account the number of posts that would be under #foodporn or #foodie! Can you imagine how many meals we could provide if very single food post was deleted?


This isn’t just happening in America…

Hunger is not just a crisis in the US, this problem expands worldwide with over 795 million people are undernourished and 300 million of them are children. This shouldn’t just be an American campaign, we should be doing this as well! This is a great example of how people are utilising the mass power of social media to create change for social good.


The growing online social networks are exactly where marketers are going to reach their audience! This type of viral campaign, can spread like wildfire. Similar to the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, it engages with a user on an emotional and social level, therefore encouraging their wider friendship networks to also take part too. The charities are raising awareness by giving people something to talk about. The value of this is something that cannot be denied, it is key to making a successful campaign.

Most importantly, Instagram is a great way to share your story visually and every charity has a story to tell. Over 89, 540 meals have been donated so far, how many more can we do? Let’s delete hunger one photo at a time…

Why not start an online campaign now…

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