How brands are embracing Pokemon Go on social media, and how you can catch some of the action

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After the overnight success of the Pokémon Go app, it’s no surprise that many businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and taking to social media to engage their customers and Pokémon players.

Small independent cafes and restaurants have been taking advantage of local ‘Pokestops’ being accessible from their venues. Dalston Bakery ‘Molly Bakes’ did exactly this, as well as incentivising players to choose the red Team Valor (matching their bright red exterior) by offering a discount.

Big brands are also incorporating Pokémon Go into their social media campaigns. Pizza Express have been regularly posting and responding to in-app photos of customers catching Pokémon inside their restaurants.

Naturally, this is a fantastic way to communicate with their customers as well as potential new customers and followers.

Online takeaway giant Hungry House has cleverly created a competition offering a £25 Hungry House voucher to the four favourites who tweet a photo of themselves catching a Pokémon with a takeaway.

This is another great way to incentivise and reward existing customers who are engaging with the Pokémon Go app, and jump onto a popular trend which will allow their social channels to shine, and look current.

So, how can your business benefit from Pokémon Go?

Any popular Pokémon Gym might be a fantastic location for a restaurant/takeaway business operating out of a van to set up shop as many players stay in these locations to battle their Pokémon.

Some hard-core players might need a coffee to keep them going after a few hours of battling… Or something stronger!


If your business is located at or near to one of the apps Pokestops, using a ‘Lure Module’ will attract players to the area, as this feature brings Pokémon to that Pokestop, so why not offer an incentive?

Engaging with players via your brands social media by posting game screenshots or offering discussion through Twitter polls will let your audience know that you are invested in their interests, and this of course is important in engaging your target customer.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to “catch ‘em all”.


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