Instagram Stories launches Ads – Here’s what you need to know!

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Just when you thought ads were everywhere Instagram Stories has introduced a new feature to add more…

The new Instagram Stories ads will be integrated into the Stories feature. But it will be okay, after all, you can skip them. For now!

It is being currently tested on 30 companies so far including Capital One, Nike and Netflix. You will only see these videos if you are viewing through multiple Stories at a time. So don’t worry it won’t cut halfway through watching a funny or inspirational video… They will be slotted in between the start and end of a Story.

They won’t be very long either. Only 5 seconds for static ads and 15 seconds for video ads. They will also be ‘immersive’ and ‘full screen’. But just remember, you can skip them if you find that that’s too much for you!


What does this mean for companies?

Well, Instagram Stories have become just as popular (or could become even more popular) than Snapchat stories with 150 million daily users. The usage has grown unbelievably since the feature was first introduced in August, so it’s no wonder Instagram had decided to monetize the feature.

There are endless people you can reach if you choose to advertise within the Stories feature. Can you just imagine the reach? 150 million daily users! But this could make way for even more competition too.


“When will this feature be applicable for a small company like me?” You might wonder… Well, this isn’t certain yet, but the option will be coming soon. Also, 70% of Instagram users follow brand, so it’s well worth considering using this feature when it’s available to everyone.

If Instagrammers are willing to follow your company to see what you post, they may be more them willing to view your advert to see what you have to say. But that’s a maybe.

It could gain you a like or just a follower. Or it could be the beginning of a new and wonderful business / client or customer relationship! Who knows?!

What do you think of Instagram’s Skippable Ads? Let us know in the comments below…

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