Katy Perry created global disco ball hunt to promote new single #ChainedToTheRhythm

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All around the world, there are hidden disco balls playing Katy Perry’s new single #ChainedtotheRhythm, giving fans an exclusive chance to listen before it is released this Friday.

Passers-by can just pop their headphones into the ball, press play and you’re good to go! You can simply just have a listen, dance your heart out or tweet your experience as many of Perry’s fans have been doing.

Is this a smart move? Letting an audience hear the track before it is even released? Well, it seems like a good one and here’s why…

It’s building an audience, a crowd eager to buy the song before the song is even released! It creates a mystery around the track making people desperate to hear it and possibly converting any non Perry fans into hard-core, dedicated fans… well that might be a bit ambitious, but we don’t see why not!

When it was announced, it’s fair to say that it became viral, with the hashtag #ChainedToTheRhythm trending within no time. It got people talking. In the end, isn’t that all you want?

A buzz has been created – It would be an understatement to just say that it made people happy. People have been tweeting left, right and centre, thrilled to share their fantastic news. It makes you feel special knowing you’ve heard something exclusive that not a lot had heard of!

It’s a pretty good way to advertise too!

You’re allowing content to be created for you! And no doubt a lot of people have a lot of good things to say about Perry’s new single, one fan saying it’s “like NOTHING she’s done before… so fresh”… So what is it like?

It’s got us thinking about hunting for these disco balls ourselves…

Have you been lucky enough to hear the new single? Has this got you #ChainedtotheRhythm? Let us know in the comments below…

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