#LoveHappens and Twitter doesn’t want you to forget!

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It was Valentines Day this week, and today, we thought we should keep the love going and share a little Twitter stats with you.

More than 2.5 billions tweets have mentioned the word “love” over the past year… To put this into perspective, that’s 80 mentions per second! That is a lot of love which shows that love isn’t just for Valentines.

Naturally, the word “love” earned its place as the most used love word globally! Seeing as it gets tweeted 80 times a second, it isn’t that hard to see why! #Blessed and #LoveisLove stole the second and third places.

You might wonder, where does #ValentinesDay come into it? Well, it lands a healthy 4th place, which you cannot deny is pretty good for an event that comes once a year!

Even the former President, Barack Obama, jumped on the love train, tweeting about his one and only Michelle Obama.

Twitter also reminded us that love really does take place, anytime, anywhere and it being Twitter, they decided to share with us a beautiful story of “a proper Twitter romance”.

Do you have a Twitter Crush? Why not let them know… Love is clearly in the air on the platform, so you’ll never know what could happen, with Twitter sharing stories of those who #MetOnTwitter.

Want to know what the total number of time the word “love” was mentioned throughout Twitters lifetime? 34.8 billion times. Yep, you read that right! Well… That’s a lot of love to go round!

Did you take part in the “love” conversation? Let us know in the comments below…


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