President Trump: Did social media have a part to play in his victory?

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The unfortunate has happened – Donald Trump won.

You might wonder how this happened or why it was even allowed to take place but I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about this now…

But there is one question that pops into mind, did social media have a huge part to play in this? The short answer is  – YES!


Politics in Social Media

With 2.34 billion of us currently using social media, we are being constantly bombarded with images, quotes, opinions on this election and it’s bound to sway your mind.

Social is a platform for free speech and people have been sharing their opinions no doubt. It comes as no surprised to find that Trump has been the most frequently mentioned… Bearing in mind that it wasn’t always positive, of course.

This is changing the way we view and interact with politics. We love to keep up to date with what is trending, and not to mention, a bit of controversy too. This is what will get your campaign buzzing and I think it’s fair to say, Trump has done just that.

Throughout his campaign, he has posted unbelievable things, provoking very strong reactions from the online community.

Whether or not supporting or hating, the most important thing for Trump was that his message was getting shared. Reaching many more supporters along the way.


Trump vs Hillary on Social Media

Looking at their social media sites, Trump has come out on top with having the most popular accounts.

On Twitter he has 13.7 million followers compared to Hillary’s 10.6, and on Facebook he has over 13 million likes compared to Hillary’s 8 million.

Keeping these numbers in mind, it’s starting to seem more clear to why Trump won. Obviously, it isn’t just a numbers game. But it is interesting to note how the most followed contender won.

What do you think of the outcome of this election? Let us know in the comments below…


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