Showcasing Periscope 360 Live at Twitter Marketing UK’s #FurtherFaster event

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Twitter UK approached Creative Nerds to showcase how easy it is to go live in 360 on Periscope.

Working with a spectrum of different brands, Creative Nerds have launched immersive 360 content on multi-platforms, and were on-hand to showcase at Twitter UK’s yearly #FurtherFaster marketing event the value of 360 content.

Showcasing how easy it is to go live, even with limited kit on site, our Director Alfie Green took the crowd through a walk through of the venue in Shoreditch in 360.

Hannah Sherlock / Hannahsherlock.com

Packed with marketing teams from some of the biggest brands in the world, it was a true showcase of the power of Creative Nerds, and the brands that trust us with their live output.

Twitter’s UK Marketing team had decked out Dinerana in Shoreditch with hands on activities, including a life-size version of Monopoly, titled Tweetoploy, in which users had to try to get to 1 million followers.

There was also an opportunity to get hands on with VR, and see some of the best examples of Periscope 360 in action from brands.

Hannah Sherlock / Hannahsherlock.com

Alfie also spoke to Periscope star Alex Pettitt via Twitter Marketing UK’s Periscope page. You can view the interview below which speaks further about our work, and the brands we’re working alongside, as well as taking questions from the audience tuning in from around the world.

Speaking about Periscope, Alfie said: “It’s really important for brand they feel elevated. It’s not just about being able to go live, even in 360, it’s about how it’s layered… and how it’s made sexy!”

Hannah Sherlock / Hannahsherlock.com

Hannah Sherlock / Hannahsherlock.com

“As an end user, do I have a call to action from that piece of live content that makes me want to read more, comment, share… There’s a lot more to live, than just going live. It’s important to go live for the right reasons.”

360 is just the start for Twitter, with developments in #GoLive and VR continuing to be announced…

A special thanks to Helen Lawrence, Head of Creative Agencies, EMEA, and Kat Bednarczyk, Senior Business Marketing Manager at Twitter UK.

If you’d like to find out more about Periscope 360, live streaming and the value for your brand – get in touch on social(at)creativenerds.org

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