Snapchat Spectacles: All you need to know about Snap Inc’s new glasses

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Snap Inc. Spectacles: Are they a must-have? What are they?

These bright, bold glasses have just recently come onto the market and are stirring up quite a reaction. From cool and the latest must have to ugly and creepy, they have divided the public’s opinion. Are they really a good idea?

The glasses are designed to help you ‘capture the moment’ more easily and share with friends and family with a camera positioned right at the front of the frames with LEDs that light up every time you record.

No wonder some people find it creepy… Who knows who could be recording you?

But then again, don’t we all wish for something that can help us share and capture our most cherished moments? The Spectacles do just that! If we think of the glasses as the GoPro camera that mountain climbers use, then maybe it doesn’t seem so weird after all.

You can even charge them using the case they come in. What an ingenious idea! It provides you with endless recording opportunities. But don’t get too carried away, you can only record 10 seconds at a time. So choose your moments wisely.

Where can I buy these?

Well, they are not available in any stores at the moment. Instead they have been popping up in a little yellow dispensing units called a ‘snapbots’ where they’re only a limited number of the Spectacles.

If you want them, you have to make sure you get there before they run out! Otherwise, it’s your loss. Or you can wait until it pops up in another state…? Each cost $130. So if you want to check them out before purchasing, you can scan the QR code on Snap Incs. website and ‘try’ them out as a filter.

Recently a new feature has been discovered. If you point the Spectacles over the lettering of a package, you unlock a special feature. What is this special filter? A filter with bubbles containing the snaps from your friends and perhaps from Snapchat’s own ones too.

Creepy or ingenious? Let us know in the comments below…

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