Snapchat vs Instagram: Which one wins for your business?

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We all know about this social media war. The one between Snapchat and Instagram. Instagram being accused of stealing Snapchat’s features, but has it now become more successful?

Hmm… let’s look at their users: Instagram now has 300 million daily users compared to Snapchats 160 million, which clearly shows that Instagram is ahead of the game.

Even with the stories feature – Nike received much more engagement on Instagram then on Snapchat. Their most popular story on Snapchat got a total of 66,000 views, whereas their first story on Instagram got 800,000 views in 24 hours.

This begs the question of how useful Snap is when it comes to business. Yes – it may attract more young people, but if that isn’t who you are looking to attract, would it be worth it?

As we know, Instagram may have been a bit cheeky, stealing some great concepts from Snapchat (i.e. Stories and the disappearing photos and videos). But has this compelled Snapchatters to move to Instagram?

Stories use be the selling point for Snapchat with the idea of “capturing the moment”, in the moment. But now Instagram has introduced this feature, maybe it just doesn’t do the app any justice. It is no longer the unique selling point!

Not only this, but you have the choice of using your account for social or professional use.

When you think of Snapchatters, who do you think of? Young people, maybe just messing about sharing funny moments with their friends. With Instagram, casual, business and professional uses comes to mind, so already it feels like there is a bigger market you can target through this app. Could this be why it seems to be more successful?

So are you an Instagrammer or Snapchatter? Let us know in the comments section below…

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