Is using social media the way forward for retail brands? Some top tips…

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Despite there being strong evidence that social media is good for almost any brand, there are still some people that believe that it has no impact on purchase intent whatsoever.

Think about it… When you think about going shopping, do you research online before you buy the product?

You may not necessarily make the purchases online, but it does help when deciding what to get!

What does this mean for retailers?

Well, if you want to get your products out there, going on social media is your best bet! Not only is it free, but the reach you can get from using social media is great!

As you may know, the biggest players in social media right now are Facebook, YouTube and Twitter with a combined monthly usage of 2,410,000,000.

Imagine all these people being converted into customers! Well, that might be a bit of a stretch, but putting your foot on the social media ladder does get you that one step closer…

Despite YouTube not necessarily being for all brands, they can work well with retails. You could always create mini runway shows with your new clothing lines or perhaps do a “create your own style” vlog-style videos with bloggers talking about how they would wear your clothing.

Furthermore, 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching videos and video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photos. So YouTube is definitely worth a try. Since you would have some original content to share, you can use this to promote on your other social media platforms too!

Of course, both Twitter and Facebook are great for all kinds of brands! They provide a free speech for you company and here you can add your special discounts and make your followers feel truly special with exclusives. If you use your social media platforms right, they can create incentives for customers to go and visit your website and store (if you have one).

One of the most effective ways of encouraging purchases is through amplification.

Amplification is when customers share your content and help “spread the message” and guess what… social media allows this to happen! This creates trust for the brand if a familiar face promotes the product and is responsible for 90% of conversion.

Would you consider using social media for a retail brand? Let us know in the comment section below…


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