WhatsApp has just copied Snapchat’s drawings and stickers…

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WhatsApp’s new Android beta is here, and has added a number of new features which look quite similar to Snapchat.

The new features should make sharing images with your friends a bit more fun but do look like another Snapchat competitor.

Fansite Android Police noted that the latest Android beta of the app introduces the ability to draw on an image and paste stickers, which is… well, Snapchat!

snapchatA large selection of the emojis they use are totally the same too as you can see below. One window is Snapchat, whilst the other is WhatsApp… Awkward!

WhatsApp is also adding a pseudo-flash for your night-time selfies. Much like Apple’s Retina Flash, it will just brighten up your screen momentarily to help illuminate your face with fairly even lighting.


You need to be part of the WhatsApp beta program to access the features, but it’s expected they’ll hit the wide releases soon.

Will you bother to use another Snapchat killer? Or is it just WhatsApp trying to keep up with the times…

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